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Apple iPhone X Release date, Specs and Price

iPhone X schematic found its way online, and the leak seems to offer some of the same iPhone X design aka iPhone 8 details we expect. However, there are some major differences compared to previous rumors, especially concerning the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and the rear camera. And a new high-end, top-of-the-line iPhone featuring OLED display. We are going to have a new design iPhone X smartphone this year, which one report claims could start at more than a thousand dollars. Citing a source with knowledge of Apple’s plans, Fast Company reported on Wednesday that Apple’s so-called “iPhone X” or “iPhone 8” is likely to be priced above $1,000.

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In addition to an OLED display that is expected to encompass the entire front of the phone, the report said the handset will feature “a memory upgrade from the current iPhone 7 line.” Whether that means faster memory or a new high-end 512-gigabyte capacity was not indicated. A $1,000-plus price tag would be the most expensive iPhone Apple has ever produced. The company’s current top-of-line model, a 256-gigabyte iPhone 7 Plus runs $969.

The flagship OLED iPhone is believed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Apple’s revolutionary handset. Reports have suggested the design shakeup will enable Apple to embed key features —including the face time camera, earpiece, and Touch ID fingerprint sensor —beneath the display, boasting a truly seamless edge- to-edge design.

Apple iPhone X Design

For the iPhone 8, Apple is rumored to be planning to move away from the aluminum body that it’s been using since 2012 in an effort to differentiate the iPhone from the devices that have come before it. Apple is expected to instead re-adopt the glass-backed body last used for the iPhone 4s. Glass is more fragile and heavier than aluminum, but many advances have been made in glass technology and materials like Gorilla Glass are sturdier than ever, which may help prevent breakage.

Apple iPhone X, iPhonne X, release date

Multiple rumors have suggested there will be three versions of the iPhone: a “premium” OLED model and two standard LCD devices, with sizes that may include 4.7, 5.8 inches (OLED), and 5.5 inches. While one model will feature a glass body, rumors disagree on what the other two models will be made from.

There are two possible outcomes based on the rumors we’re hearing: Either we get three iPhones with glass bodies and wireless charging, with extra features to set the OLED model apart from the standard models, or we get a single OLED model with a glass body sold alongside two standard aluminum devices.

Size wise, while the OLED iPhone will use a larger display panel because it includes no bezels, it may be similar in size to the 4.7-inch iPhone. Apple is also said to be planning to sell a standard 4.7-inch iPhone and a larger 5.5-inch iPhone.

iPhone X Display

At least one iPhone 8 model is expected to include a flexible OLED display and Apple has already signed a deal with Samsung to produce OLED displays for devices set to debut in 2017.

Samsung will provide Apple with an estimated 160 million OLED panels to be used for the rumored 5-inch OLED iPhone. That will account for approximately 80 percent of all the panels used for the device, and while other companies like AU Optronics, Sharp, Japan Display are working on OLED displays, they won’t be ready for production until 2018, meaning Apple will need to rely heavily on Samsung in 2017.

The iPhone 8 may feature an IP68 water resistance rating, an improvement over the IP67 certification earned by the Apple iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Like the Galaxy S7, which is also IP68 certified, the iPhone 8 might be able to withstand 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes while also offering full dust protection.

That means it will continue to hold up to splashes and brief immersion in water, but customers should still make an effort to avoid water as Apple’s iPhone 7 warranty does not cover water damage and it’s likely the iPhone 8 warranty will also exclude water damage.

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Apple iPhone X Specifications

The upcoming Apple iPhone X is expected to boast some amazing specifications with having a sharp bright display, new SoC, new iOS 11 as well and best camera features. Here we have listed some rumored iPhone X specs that may come true by IFA 2017 event.

  • 5.8 Inch large OLED display
  • New Edge-to-Edge Design
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Apple A11 Fusion SoC
  • IP68 Protection
  • 64 / 128 / 256 GB Storage
  • Bigger battery capacity

So, these are some of the iPhone X features. We would like to update you with more rumors and leaks on this page.

Apple iPhone X Release date

Assuming the annual announcement tradition continues, the iPhone 8 release date will be in September 2017. However, the latest rumor says there are production delays because of supply issues with the 3D camera system and problems laminating this system with the new OLED glass screen. Some people, including the Chinese Economic Daily News, reckon this will push back the launch to November, or even later.

Some things can be lost in translation, and what some have called ‘launch’ may actually be the on-sale date. To us, it seems more sensible to announce – or launch – the new iPhones all in one go in September, even if the anniversary iPhone won’t be on shelves for another month or two.

iPhone X Rumours and features

If Apple does indeed do something special for the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, which is ever more likely from all the leaks, the iPhone 8 will be one which fans will no doubt want to upgrade to on launch day.

A combination of design and hardware changes will make the iPhone 8 the most radical new iPhone to date if we are to go by the rumors and leaks.

Instead of listing every leak here, we’re going to stick to the biggest and most important ones and point out what’s been leaked multiple times, making them more likely to be true.

iPhone 8 display

  • 5.8-inch, 2800×1242 pixels
  • OLED technology

A key element that’s been leaked over and over again is that Apple will switch to OLED technology for the 2017 iPhone – like the Samsung Galaxy S7 – rather than the traditional IPS tech Apple has used previously. This would primarily mean better contrast and colors.

Probably more interesting, and more obvious, is that the iPhone 8 will have a larger 5.8in display. It will be ‘edge-to-edge’ and slightly curved so Apple’s comparatively chunky bezels might soon be history.

However, it also says that the OLED model will be 5.2in with the 4.7- and 5.5-in using existing LCD technology without curves. The touted resolution is 2800×1242 which is a lot higher than any previous iPhone.

A huge change needs to be made to the 2017 iPhone in order for the screen to get a lot bigger without the size of the handset increasing. While others put fingerprint scanners on the back or even the side, Apple has another solution.

If rumors are true, the iPhone 8 will have the Touch ID sensor embedded into the screen.It’s possible there will be a ‘function area’ at the bottom of the screen where this is housed and acts slightly like the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro.

However, the latest leak from iDrop News claims that a source who spoke with a Foxconn employee (the company which manufactures the iPhone for Apple) said that the Touch ID will be moved to the back, just like Huawei’s phones. Here’s a concept image, which also shows a vertical dual-camera arrangement.The iPhone isn’t the only thing at Apple celebrating 10 years in 2017 – the company’s partnership with AIDs charity (RED) is also hitting double digits.

The iPhone isn’t the only thing at Apple celebrating 10 years in 2017 – the company’s partnership with AIDs charity (RED) is also hitting double digits.To celebrate, Apple has in March 2017 announced a brand-new red version of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and if the

To celebrate, Apple has in March 2017 announced a brand-new red version of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and if the color proves to be a hit we could also see the huge added to Apple’s line-up for the iPhone 8.

Although we’re calling it the iPhone 8, there are a number of other possibilities. However, Apple could call this year’s iPhone the iPhone X. According to Mac Otakara, the 2017 model may well be simply called the iPhone Edition alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus making up three options. Vote in our poll to let us know what you think Apple will name the anniversary iPhone.

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