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When will Apple have OLED’s: iPhone 7 / iPhone 8

Update: Apple has launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus variant both doesn’t comes with OLED, so now its just iPhone 8 from which we can expect something.

Well we all know that OLED displays are far better than conventional IPS LCD’s. From past few times we are getting rumours that Apple is trying to implement AMOLED displays to their flagship phones as AMOLED has far better features and performance as compare to LCD. This year Apple is rumoured to launch iPhone 7 Flagship which is expected to release in Q3, 2016. In early leaks of iPhone 7 we have seen massive specs and features but missing OLED display which is prime need of customers. If we look on their competitors Samsung has launched their flagship with SUPER AMOLED display which gives then an upper hand over iPhone’s. This year, Apple is rumoured to release more than what we have expected earlier. We are going to see iPhone SE and iPhone 7 smartphone this year.

As per reports AMOLED display’s are much better than LCD, some of major Pros are as:

  • It offers greater contrast, means large pixels and better screen resolution.
  • Helps to make thinner smartphone as it’s less bulkier.
  • High performance as it takes very less power to operate.
  • High response time.

iPhone 8 will have All-Glass Sandwich Design

Jan 2nd Week, 2017 Rumour: As we are heading towards the MWC 2017, iPhone 8 rumours have gone to next level. Now reports are coming that Apple may use all-glass design with stainless steel framework packed inside. Now, we think this is something interesting from Apple where people are expecting OLED or AMOLED panel. The next iPhone 8 with all-glassy design will be prettiest smartphone ever and we are waiting for that.

Now the question arises: When will Apple have OLED’s in iPhone?


The first case: iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 7 Pro will have OLED!

Well,  after going through all possibilities we found that OLED display is not going to be part of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. As if now we are ready to see iPhone 8 in coming 6 months the rumours and renders of next iPhone are on its peak. We have many big rumours, some says it will have AMOLED / OLED or s7 edge kinda design but we now it will be different. However recently leaked Sandwich design with all-glass body looks interesting as no one has that kind of design ever.

Second case: Wait for iPhone 8!

If Apple iPhone 7 Pro will not have OLED or somehow Apple is not launching a Pro variant then you have to wait for iPhone 8 which will surely have OLED display.

So, this means we still didn’t have any confirmation as the phons is not official. Apple iPhone 8 / iPhone 2017 can be the smartphone which will surely give you OLED. We will update you about more details of iPhone 7 Pro and iPhone 8 display here.


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    • Yes, it may have but most of the things still depends on Apple as they haven’t made any statement. However these days all-Glass design is in news for upcoming iPhone 8. Its rumoured to come in Glass sandwich design where stainless steel iPhone is framed by all-glass rear to back which can be pretty eye-catching.

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