If your iPhone isn’t customize until you customize it. The basic customization options included with the phone like you can change your wallpaper, display your battery as a percentage, or make folders. Now there are some of the built-in features of the iOS, you can go far beyond those simple changes. There are many things and you do many more things and changes with your iPhone. You can customize your iPhone with taking the best apps for best customized. There are 5 ways which is given below to customize your iPhone.

(1) Call Screen Maker
For visual changes, we aren’t change only Wallpaper and lock screen things. You can also change the images that come up when people call you, known as call screens. Call Screen Maker offers a library of premade images and patterns to help you customize your iPhone’s call screens. This is help you for changing the image background and what appears beneath the calling bar and answer/decline buttons. you can create, with the using of images,means replacing the photo in a person’s address book entry.
(2)iCandy shelves & Skins
As we know many of the customization apps available for the iPhone work in roughly. In the same way: combine images, icon skins, and shelves into different styles, then save those images and use them as your wallpaper. iCandy Shelves & Skins do this but also by adding some other features that make it less useful. First, it offers many more images than other apps I used including the ability to download more from the web. With these so many Images browser become next to impossible. More interestingly, it gives you the ability to add text and clip art to your wallpapers, which I hadn’t seen before. That’s a nice thing, but it’s not enough for overcoming the apps problems.
(3)Pimp Your Screen
To give new look and new styles of iPhone Wallpapers, these apps let you provide tools for customizing your phone. That might sound boring, but by adding some optical illusions you gain a lot of flexibility. Pimp Your Screen is one of the best apps in this area. It offers hundreds of different onscreen elements like backgrounds, shelves, and icon skins. You can mix and match those items in thousands of combinations and save different images for your wallpaper and lock screen. Pimp Your Screen gives you a lot of tools to do just what its name promises.
(4)Pimp My Keyboard
We know that all of the color keyboard apps work the same they are standalone apps that you write text in, then export that text to other apps. Apple doesn’t let developers replace the systemwide keyboard on the iPhone and these apps can’t get around that. As a result, these apps force you to write text in one place, then go to another app to use that text and in those new apps, you don’t get to retain the colors and styles from the first app. To make matters worse, Pimp My Keyboard includes some intrusive adds and promises an upgrade which is not exist.

(5)Colour Keyboard
This is just a quirk of the tool that I expect will be fixed in the future. If that hadn’t happened, this app would have gotten a good review. The app is misleading in its description, seeming to claim to do things that it can’t, and it crashes every time you try to do anything in iOS 7. It’s gonna far, far away.
I hope you guys will like this article. This article is totally based on how can you customize your iPhone, it is written about 5 important apps for customizing your iPhone. For share your comments and thoughts please come in comment section below.

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